Saturday, April 26, 2014

Liebsters Award

Welcome back to Cards by Kay and round 2 of the Liebster Blog award this time round I am answering questions from my nomination from Maureen


Maureens questions:

1/ What is your favorite shape /size card to make ?
I don't have a favorite as such I kind of do what I feel at the time and what I think will suit my image. 
2/ What tool can you not live without ?
I would have to say my stampin up paper trimmer as I cannot cut a straight line free hand to save myself !
3/ Do you have your own craft room/space?
I do have my own craft room all to myself I do not have to share it with anyone !
4/ Do you only make cards or do you do other types of crafting?
Cards are my main venture but I do occasionally have a dabble in off the page stuff !
5/ What has been your biggest crafting achievement?
I would have to say being chosen on my very first Design Team over at Simply Steampunk Challenges !
6/What is your favorite craft store / website?
My favorite craft store is probably my own ! But if it is something I cannot get anywhere else then I always go to Craft on Line !
7/ What is your favorite paper that you cannot cut?
I used to save all sorts of different papers and not cut them but not anymore if I've got it I like to use it !
8/Do you craft with TV or music on ? What would you be listening to ?
I do like a little back ground noise if I am watching TV at the moment it is SuperNatural, but I also like to watch The Lord of the Rings,Harry Potter, The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones,as for music I listen to a varied mix of ACDC,Pete Murray,Michael Buble, The Angels,Avcii,Diesel,Eskimo Joe, Foo Fighters the list goes on and on !!
9/Do you work outside the home?
I do work outside the home I work full time as an Optical Dispenser .
10What do you do if you loose your Mojo?
My Mojo often goes for a wander away without me, when it does I walk away from what I am doing and go for a walk 
11/ What is your favorite digi stamp company?
There are so many I do not have just one favorite, Simply Betty Stamps is at the top of my list though ! 

So that is a little about me ! Now I am nominating the following awesome bloggers
Emily Shroom
Lisa Lucas Nelson
Corinne Jones
Andrea Tully
Lisa Howell
 Now girls here are my questions for you !
1/ How long have you been papercrafting ?
2/How did you get into it ?
3/Who is your favorite designer of papers ?
4/Do you prefer rubber or digital images?
5/What is your favorite color combination for papers and or pencils/markers ?
6/Do you have a go to solution if nothing else is working for you ?
7/ What do you do if you loose your mojo ?
8/ What is your favorite stamp company/designer?
9/ Do you have a preferred style?
10/Do you other crafts?
11/ Do you belong to any craft groups/DT teams on and off line ?
So a big thank you to all of my loyal followers you are the lovely people that keep me going and I appreciate every one of you.
Kay xx