Thursday, April 24, 2014

Liebster Award

 I have been lucky enough to be nominated for the Liebster Award by two wonderful ladies the very lovely Laila Anesland and the equally lovely Maureen Scott thank you ladies so much it is a happy day when I can make someone smile just by doing what I love ! Now I have been dragging my feet a little in getting this done, I have had a busy time of it lately and am just getting time to get this don so I have 2 sets of questions to answer for these ladies so here goes. I will start with Laila's questions
1/ When did you fall in love with crafts ?
 I first fell in love with stamping about 25 years ago when I went to an information night at a Lincraft store with my Mum. 
2/What is your favorite style ? 
 My favorite style is Steampunk 
3/ What do you drink / snack on when crafting ?
 I am afraid I am boring in this I am just a water girl ! 
4/What brings back your mojo if it's gone ?
  I will leave what I am working on I like to walk away from my craft room and go for a walk or do a workout ! 
5/ What is your biggest sin in a craft store ? ( what can't you walk past ) 
  Lol mine would have to be ribbons if I find a nice one I can't leave it there !
6/What is your favorite craft supplies or brand ?
I tend to always reach for my Petaloo flowers or Tim Holtz embellishments 
7/What is your go to store ? 
 I can usually always find what I'm looking for from Craft Supplies on Line  
8/Do you have any inspiration places that you visit or if you live there ?
I am a very lucky girl and I live in the country in Victoria Australia and I am surrounded by beautiful countryside and animals and lots of flora.
9/What music/movies do you listen to/watch while crafting ?
I like to listen to a very varied music playlist including, Nickleback,ACDC, James Blunt, Coldplay, The Script,Michael Buble. I did say varied ! I also like to watch The Walking Dead, Super Natural, The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.
10/ Your colors of choice?
Hmm this is a tough one as I do a lot of darker themed work I go to Blacks greys, browns I love my earthy tones but I also love my blues and greens throw in a little bit of purple and orange !
11/All time favorite designer paper/pad ?
Has to be Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells
 So there's a little bit about me stay tuned and come back tomorrow when I will answer questions from Maureen Scott and will reveal my nominations and questions.
Kay xx