Saturday, March 29, 2014

Blog Closed

Hello and welcome back to Cards by Kay, some of you may know that I have had another Blog happening for the sale of my craft supplies, unfortunately I have had to delete that blog mainly due to time as in I don't have enough of it !! And who does right ! It just wasn't getting the traffic I had hoped for. But I do still have all of these items and more available for sale if you are interested through 3 other engines one is my Facebook Page Kay's Cards and Craft Supplies check it out!
I also have a little store on Etsy Here and on Ebay Here this link is just for one item but if you click on it, it will give the option to see my other items for sale ! I am slowly but surely building my ebay sales in the hope that I can open a store sight there also which will be much easier to find !
 Thanks you to all my my followers I appreciate you all !
Kay xx

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