Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dragon's and Castles

                                 Dragons and Castles

Hello today I am showing a little project I worked on years ago now but I enjoyed it so much and thought I would like to share it with you. This is a paper sculpting project by Greg Sukendro that was published in the stamping and Paper craft Magazine a few years back. If anyone is interested in the article please let me know I can track it down easily enough as I will still have it here in my stash somewhere !
 As you can see there is a bit involved in putting it together but I think the end result is worth it and it is a lot of fun !

                                       Dragon and Castle



putting it together 

So as you can see each level of the castle is cut out and I have used decorating chalks to decorate this
it is then put together with steps as you can see from the last photo. The dragon is probably the most labour intensive part as there are a lot of different bits needed to put him together but again it is worth it ! If you have a little lady that is princess and castle mad this could be the perfect gift !
Anyway thanks again for  visiting and hope to see you soon
Kay xx